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A Sizable Chunk of Hotel Saint Regis Is Headed for Auction

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Could Hotel St. Regis spark redevelopment in New Center? A significant chunk of the hotel is now listed on, with bidding scheduled to begin in late April. The listing pitches the hotel as an ideal condo/apartment conversion. With a prime location on the corner of Woodward Avenue and W. Grand Boulevard, it's hard to disagree.

Built in the 1960s, Hotel St. Regis was a swanky place built to service execs from GM Headquarters across the street. Up for auction is the hotel's east wing, a 5-story addition tacked on in 1984. According to the listing, the east wing offers over 60K square feet of interior space—enough for up to 60 units. A former restaurant/banquet area on the ground floor offers potential commercial space.

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Hotel St. Regis began to deteriorate after GM moved to the Renaissance Center during the 1990s. According to the Wall Street Journal, the property was rejuvenated in 2007 with a $4M renovation, but fell into foreclosure by 2009. Currently, the hotel remains open as one of the cheapest options in the downtown area. The three-day auction begins on April 21, with a starting bid of $300K.
· Listing: 3071 W Grand Blvd []