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Brick Paneling and a Drop Ceiling Make This Kitchen the Worst

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It's rare to come across a room that does absolutely everything wrong, but this kitchen is our latest champion. What's going on in there? Fake brick paneling, old linoleum, dark cabinetry, and a single patch of wallpaper bringing it all together.

Unblocking those windows might add some much-needed daylight, but why bother? All the light you need is available from those fluorescent lights in the drop ceiling.
Like our last example of notably awful decor, this kitchen is hiding in one of the University District's less fortunate houses. This one has three bedrooms and an estimated 1,900 square feet, which currently has an ask of $79,900. Keep in mind, it last sold for $20K in 2009.
· 18430 Birchcrest [Curbed]