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West Village Goes Big: Five Vacant Houses to be Rehabbed

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While West Village continues building a vibrant neighborhood commercial district, a major push to improve residential stock has also been brewing behind the scenes. West Village is now ready to launch its "Historic Housing Rehab Project", a monstrous effort to promote growth and stability by restoring five historic houses.

Targeted properties include three single-family homes on Seyburn and two duplexes on Van Dyke, all of which are already undergoing pre-construction preparations. When the dust clears, the single-family homes will be offered for sale and the duplexes made into rental properties offered to low and medium income families and owned by The Villages CDC. Like most of West Village, all are within walking distance to the restaurants on Agnes.

"We know this effort, with the technical help of both the City of Detroit Planning & Development Department and the Detroit Land Bank Authority, will create an even more stable neighborhood, with more people wanting to move here, fix up homes, and start small businesses" said Brian Hurttienne, Executive Director of the Villages Community Development Corporation, in a press release.

Project funding comes from the Federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program. According to Hurttienne, hazardous material abatement is just beginning and major construction is likely to begin in a matter of weeks.
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