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$55K Grabs a Shabby Duplex Near all the Corktown Favorites

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Asphalt shingles make for a depressing facade, but this weathered duplex is a chance to buy in Corktown for less than triple digits. Asking $55K, the location is uniquely conducive to all the Corktown highlights, including three popular ruins. The backyard faces Hotel Roosevelt and the charred Imagination Station, and it looks like there's a clear view of Michigan Central Station just beyond. As far as non-ruins go, Slows BBQ, Mercury Bar, and all those attractions are steps away.

The house was built in 1900, but the interior (or what we can see of it) looks pretty well intact. An old rental listing indicates the upper flat has three bedrooms, though we're not sure where that lonely utility sink lives. The lower flat contains a month-to-month tenant, but no photos of that level are provided.
Theoretically, the beauty of the cheap-but-intact duplex is the ability to live in one unit, rent out the other and slowly fix the place up. With this location, finding a reliable renter should be a breeze.
· 2235 Wabash Street [Estately]