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Bi-Level Sky Palace Renting for $2,500 at the Library Lofts

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[Photography by Jim Tumey]

The Library Lofts contain some of downtown's largest living spaces, with some units stretching beyond 2,000 square feet. This is one of those units. Renting for $2,500/month, this bi-level loft contains a vast, wide-open living space of 2,300 square feet. You're going to need some furniture.

Listed as a "1+ bedroom," the only private room is the huge bathroom. The views are huge. Thankfully, the loft stylings aren't too invasive. You get exposed beams, an industrial-looking staircase, and an interesting OSB platform upstairs. The rest is up to you.
· Listing: Amazing 2-Story Loft at Library Lofts [Loft Warehouse]

Library Lofts

Library St, Detroit, Michigan 48226