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Shinola Unveils Detroit's 4 New Street Clocks and Locations

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Shinola's new street clocks have arrived! In a big unveiling ceremony this morning, Shinola revealed the first street clock at Washington Boulevard and Larned Street downtown, which will later be moved closer to Cobo Center. Looks good, right?
According to the Detroit News, other three clocks have also been installed. Their locations are in Eastern Market (outside shed 3), New Center (at Shinola's CCS headquarters) and Midtown (at West Canfield and Cass). The Eastern Market clock is apparently wall-mounted, but will get its own pole once renovations finish up on Shed 5. Are you near any of these locations? We'd love a photo. Please get in touch via the tipline.
UPDATE (12:44pm): We have a photo!

Thanks to tipster Roger, we have a photo of the Midtown clock on the corner of Cass Avenue and West Canfield. That corner is home to the Night Light sculpture, and the clocks are reportedly equipped with LED lights. It should look interesting after dark. Have a street clock picture we can share? Please end it our way via the tipline.

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