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For Sale Since '09, Indian Village 'Manse Prunes Price Again

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Things move a little bit slower at 1750 Iroquois. The Indian Village mansion, gearing up to celebrate its five-year anniversary on the market, has chopped the asking price a wee bit since our last update. Snagging a cool 9,600 square feet will now cost you $425K, a drop of $25K.
The more dramatic update, however, is in the listing. The realtor has uploaded a giant photo gallery of the mansion's vast interior, which looks almost frozen in time. Let us gawk at some photos.

Like many of Indian Village's stately manors, this one was designed by renowned architecture firm Chittenden and Kotting. It was built in 1914. For all that square footage, the house has just five bedrooms. It does, however, enjoy eight fireplaces, seven bathrooms, and a third-floor ballroom. Sadly, the listing's all-caps description ends with "HURRY, THIS HOME WON'T LAST LONG!"
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