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Paczki Mania and Social Sushi's Socially Conscious New Home

New Palace Bakery, Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

HAMTRAMCKPaczki Day 2014 was here, and it was epic. There were maps about paczki, a paczki taste test, paczki pictures, a paczki and beer pairing guide, and so much more.

BIRMINGHAM— There's a brand new restaurant in town called The Bird & The Bread, and they're doing European comfort food in a kid-friendly setting (think sophisticated interior but with a thoughtful kids' menu). They're just doing dinner right now, but lunch and Sunday brunch start soon.

FERNDALE— The Oakland Art Novelty Company's Shane Bang has been named one of the 25 best bartenders in America by The Daily Meal, which is just another feather in his cap (he was Detroit's Most Imaginative Bartender and Eater Detroit's Bartender of the Year 2013).

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT—It's already time for a new heatmap, and this one features a few new places, newer places, and some old classics that are back in the game because of local holidays.

CORKTOWNSocial Sushi is looking to settle down permanently in a yet-to-be-built structure made of shipping containers and reclaimed materials in Roosevelt Park. The idea started as a school project, but is well on its way to becoming a reality.