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Claim Lordship Over this Miniature Castle for Under $200K

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From the Scott Mansion to the GAR Building, the city of Detroit holds more than its fair share of castles. Think of this one as the Prius of the lineup, with modern amenities and a relatively compact footprint. You'll find it guarding the intersection of Trumbull and Selden in Woodbridge.

First off, the house dates back to 1890. We recommend taking a quick glance of this photo of Campus Martius to fully appreciate how long this house has been around. Behind the all those exterior arches, huge amounts of wood detailing are inside. The castle contains a humble 1,980 square feet, plenty of stained/leaded glass, and two full bathrooms. One has a clawfoot tub. Both the living and dining rooms sport unique fireplaces.

There are four bedrooms upstairs, and it looks like the master bedroom gets the privilege of the turret room. You know your house is old when it boasts an "enclosed sleeping porch," which is "perfect for catching a summer breeze." Thankfully, central A/C is part of the package along with an updated furnace, water heater, and electrical.

Fun Fact: The original architect, Detroit-based Almon Clother Varney wrote an exhaustive book on home building titled Our Homes and their Adornments. It covers everything from basic planning to interior decor strategies. Download it for free at the Library of Congress.
· Listing: 3914 Trumbull []