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HopCat Remod Fires Up, New LTU Building Not Far Behind

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Rendering via McIntosh Poris Associates

Dark and empty since the Agave restaurant closed in 2006, the corner of Woodward and Canfield will soon begin stirring. Transformation into HopCat starts NOW, with crews scheduled to begin interior demolition sometime this week. Last we heard, the beer bar hopes to open in August.
HopCat won't be the only Midtown project kicking up dust. On the opposite side of the McDonalds, a new building could begin rising any moment. A few blocks down Woodward, an old strip mall is ready to fall.

LTU Building: On the other end of the block, the corner of Woodward and Willis will begin sprouting a three-story commercial building sometime this month. Anchored by Lawrence Tech's Center for Design and Technology, Midtown Detroit Inc estimates construction will finish up by the end of 2014.
[Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Professional Plaza: This gigantic demo project is now scheduled to begin in June. The 2-story strip mall portion of the property should be first to disappear as the lot is cleared for a huge new medical building.

Agave Building

4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website