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Starbucks Finally Opens Downtown at One Kennedy Square

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Starbucks has officially joined Roasting Plant and Tim Hortons as the third coffee shop in Campus Martius. Last year, the 'Bux became a venti-sized Curbed obsession after an avalanche of reader tips (thanks!) indicated the coffee joint would open up at One Kennedy Square. Anyway, the above video, courtesy of the Free Press, offers a peek into downtown's first Starbucks since its two locations were closed in 2008. Now that Campus Martius has three distinct coffee options, you're going to have to pick a side.

1. Tim Hortons has no exterior windows and is stuffed with caffeine-starved Quicken/Compuware employees. Then again, it's reasonably priced, contains plenty of electrical outlets for mooching bloggers, and they validate parking. The food selection is larger.

2. Thanks to a giant, coffee-making robot, Roasting Plant has amazing coffee and its space in the First National Building is beautiful. Plus outdoor seating. You all know the pitfall here, though: RP's coffee is crazy expensive.

3. Starbucks has giant windows and Detroit-themed decor. We haven't confirmed the store's hours (there's no phone number listed yet) but they're likely to be open more often than RP or Tim Hortons. This location also benefits from having Potbelly right next door.

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One Kennedy Square

777 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226