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Window Work Spotted at the Historic Cary Lofts Building

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Bedrock's rehab plan for the Cary is pretty standard — retail on the bottom offices on top. But we did find two interesting tidbits.
Basement treasures: Bedrock's renovation will extend to the basement, which will become retail space. Looking at floor plan, a sizable chunk of that level is labeled simply as "vault space." Do we have another old bank vault? It's not big enough for another office-in-a-vault, but it's still intriguing.

Potential Tenants: In Cary's list of available spaces, floors 3-4 are conspicuously absent. Is there already a tenant in place? The windows are plastered with the logo of Broder & Sachse, a Birmingham-based development company with ties to Gilbert projects. Have they claimed a Detroit office space? Those third-floor windows do look nice.
UPDATE (4/15/14, 5:02PM): A spokesperson from Broder & Sachse tells us that the company is "not involved with the building in any way and have no plans to move there."

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Cary Lofts

1301 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226