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Iconic "Outsource to Detroit" Banner Takes a Dramatic Tumble

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Some building-sized banners die with dignity. Downtown's giant 'Outsource to Detroit' banner ended in a much more exciting manner. According to a tipster, the 130-foot sticker peeled itself from the side of 1001 Woodward this morning, tumbling down towards campus Martius in two large pieces. The last bits had blown away by 9:00 am. GalaxE.Solutions installed the 10-story banner in October 2011, claiming its message was visible from four miles away. Can anyone see where it ended up? Hit us up on the tipline.
UPDATE (10:22AM): Witnesses report the banner fluttered down onto a sidewalk, though its present location is still unknown. Also, this thing looked like a major hassle to install. Video is embedded after the jump.
UPDATE (10:36AM): Did the rogue banner attack a streetlight? Another tipster-submitted photo, now in the gallery, spots a dangling slice of banner.

1001 Woodward

1001 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226