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Downtown's Pocket-Sized Flatiron Building Now Contains a Trendy Barbershop

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It's not downtown's biggest example of flatiron-shaped architecture, but the weathered Reid building might be the most mysterious. The Reid is described perfectly by the DetroitFunk blog, which calls it a "cute little piece of crap left over from olde Detroit." The building's exact age and architect are both up for debate, but most peg its DOB somewhere around 1896. All of that seems to suit Standard Barber Company, which recently opened in a large space on the second floor. Standard Barber is a modern take on the old barbershop, offering services like shoe shines and straight razor shaves alongside trendier haircuts. According to Model D, founders Steve Economy and Matt Temkin stumbled upon the space accidentally.

Discouraged after looking at over 50 spaces downtown and not finding a single match, the pair stopped in the Greenwich Time pub. It was there over beers that the duo got to talking to the bartender, who then called out her brother, the owner of the building. They were soon led upstairs and found their space at 138 Cadillac Square. Thanks to the Reid building's odd shape, Standard Barber has plenty of windows overlooking Cadillac Square and Congress Street. Grab a haircut by entering the red doors facing Cadillac Square and climbing the old wooden stairs.
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Reid Building

130 Cadillac Square, Detroit, MI 48226