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$180K Buys a Classic Woodbridge House, Front Porch Included

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Woodbridge has already coughed up three unique listings this spring. There was the mini-castle on Trumbull, an appealing house on Avery, and a mystery listing on Commonwealth that needs some additional research (the listing tells nothing.)
The Avery house is your typical Woodbridge home—it's old (1912), full of wood detailing, has a finished attic floor and a great front porch. In short, it's almost universally appealing, and probably won't linger on the market. The $180K ask is a bit high, but several potential expenses have already been taken care of—the roof, electrical system, furnace, and hot water heater are all modern. If you had to criticize something, it might the less-than-serene location just across the street from the gas station.
· Listing: 3910 Avery St [Movoto]