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From Stunt Double to Stunning, Louie's Lounge Was a Remod for the Ages

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After playing St. Andrews Hall in 8 Mile, a North Korean military outpost in Red Dawn and a battered liquor shop in Transformers 3, the wedge-shaped building at 30 Clifford Street has a permanent identity. Downtown Louie's Lounge is the result of a multi-year rehab of an unremarkable building that previously had zero curb appeal.

It's unwise to put too much meaning into one building, but it's hard not to be thrilled with the results of this long renovation. In a downtown that leans heavily on pop-ups and an aggressive campaign of temporary place-making, Louie's feels refreshingly heavy and permanent. We'll let the photos do the talking for the interior, though . Core Detroit did a good job delving into the specific finished. For mid-rehab pics, DetroitYES users posted some interesting shots showing just how invasive the renovation was (the entire facade was ripped off).
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