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The Mind-Blowing Alfred Fisher Mansion Asks $1.2M

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The Alfred Fisher Mansion does everything a proper mansion should do: It has an indoor pool, entire rooms dedicated to a single color, and it makes the neighboring Van Dusen Mansion look like a Pizza Hut. It has grounds, for heaven's sake. And it all could be yours. Asking $1.2M, the Fisher is expected to officially hit the market later today as the largest residential listing in Detroit.

Designed by architect Richard Marr and built in 1926, this estate was one of several mansions commissioned by members of the legendary Fisher family throughout the city. This is the family that built the Fisher Building—they're not exactly known for skimping. You know you're dealing with a mansion when the home's ability to accommodate "live-in helpers" is a selling point.

The Fisher contains 15 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a ballroom, sun room, and a billiards room, which contains "original stained glassed windows, a large limestone fireplace, and solid oak doors which were used to hide the bar during the prohibition days."

The square footage is officially listed at 16,466, but that doesn't include the luxuries like the giant pool house (complete with dressing rooms and heated benches) or the eight-car garage. The News pegs the actual square footage at 35,000.

What separates the Fisher from peers like the Hecker-Smiley Mansion? The grounds. They were designed by landscape architect Bryant Flemming, who founded/ran Cornell University's School of Landscape Art. Outside, look for a wrought-iron conservatory, an outdoor teahouse, and even a rose garden.
· Listing: 1771 Balmoral Dr [Official]

Alfred Fisher Mansion

1771 Balmoral, Detroit, MI 48203