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Globe Building Sports a Nifty New Facade, Readies for Exhibits

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[April, 2014. Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

In just ten months, the historic Globe Building has changed from a crumbling heap into something much more sleek: The Michigan DNR's Outdoor Adventure Center. The Roxbury Group developed the project, buying the abandoned Globe Building for $1 in early 2013.
The OAC is meant to hype up Michigan's outdoorsy-ness in a city that historically hasn't interacted too well with nature. Through simulators and exhibits, kids (and adults) can learn about stuff they're allowed to do outdoors—shooting deer, kayaking, etc—and things they really should never do, like crawl through a beaver lodge or sit in an eagle's nest. Most of that takes place in a wide-open, three-story area facing the Dequindre Cut and Miliken State Park.

According to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy -- a partner in the project -- the OAC hopes to open this fall. That would see the doors open just as construction begins on Rivertown's next giant construction project: Orleans Landing.
(Note: These images show only the adventure/exhibit portion of the building, but you can see the whole layouts at the DNR's website.)
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