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The Hults Discovered Scrapping Buildings Near Packard Plant

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Just when you think Detroit is done with "developer" Bill Hults, those haunting eyebrows are back in the news. Quick Recap: After failing in his quest to buy the Packard Plant last year, Chicago-area developer Bill Hults had to settle for the smaller Cadillac Stamping Plant and a handful of other properties.
These days, however, the Hults does not appear to be fulfilling his dream of mixed-use development. According to Motor City Muckraker, Hults is enthusiastically scrapping his commercial properties on the east side, chasing off neighbors with trucks, lighting things on fire, and generally taking advantage of the impunity that only Detroit can provide. Who could've possibly seen this coming?
· Investor who wanted Packard Plant scraps buildings, won't pay taxes [MCM]