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W. Village Has Another Cheap, Historic Townhouse Available

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Remember that lovely foreclosed townhouse on Agnes and Parker? That beauty has gone under contract, but there is a smaller, cheaper opportunity a few doors down. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this townhouse -- or at least what you can see of it -- looks promising. West Village is famous for its classy, historic townhouses. Built in 1912, this building scored the best location (and landscaping) of the bunch. Beyond the bad photos, the realtor crafted a truly frustrating listing here. It pegs the interior at 815 square feet, which city records (and common sense) prove false -- tax records indicate 1,394 square feet. Other units in this building have a third story, and that cave-like bathroom appears to follow a roofline. The listing claims only two stories, but don't be surprised to find a bonus level. The ask: $74,900.
· Listing: 8121 Agnes [Zillow]