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Man Behind Detroit's "Crackhead Signs" Ups His Game

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Remember the "Save Detroit, Adopt a Crackhead" signs on the corner of 8 Mile and Cardoni? Those signs have been replaced with a new message that's a little more to-the-point: "Welcome to Detroit...Do you feel lucky?"
Andre Ventura, the sign-maker/aspiring folk hero, has festooned this makeshift playground with provocative signs ever since bullets from a nearby shooting "pinged off the swingset posts" years ago. Ventura's original goal was to draw attention to the plight of Detroit's children. We're guessing the children would simply appreciate getting their park back from reporter Ronnie Dahl.

Here's an interesting question: Will the sign attract the attention of Mayor Duggan? It seems like the sort of thing that might irk the new administration, and they'd be well within their jurisdiction to remove it. Erecting a giant sign requires a city permit, and the property isn't even Ventura's. It belongs to the Michigan Land Bank.
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