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Parkway Opens a Dazzling New Supermarket on the East Side

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

When Farmer Jack skipped town in 2007, it left Detroit without a national supermarket chain and Jefferson Avenue with an ugly, empty strip mall. Seven years later, the space has reopened as Parkway Foods, a longtime Detroit grocer that moved from a smaller location down the road. Owner Vince Nona calls it a "neighborhood supermarket." After Whole Foods and Meijer, Parkway is the third supermarket to open in Detroit over the past year.

We couldn't find any photos of Farmer Jack's old decor, but Parkway looks great even without something to compare it to. It's hard to believe that a grocery store this big is up and running on the east side, and it's even harder to believe the scant amount of press attention it has received. At 47,000 square feet, the interior is more than 2x the size of Whole Foods in Midtown. Let us know what you think in the comments.
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