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Mayor Duggan's Little Bro Wants a Soccer Stadium In Detroit

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Did you know that our mayor, Mike Duggan, has a younger brother? It's true. Dan Duggan is just like Mike, except instead of baldness he has a solid hair helmet, and instead of running a city he runs a semi-pro soccer team called the Michigan Bucks. With some luck, he hopes to move the Bucks to Detroit.
The Pontiac-based Bucks lack a dedicated stadium, preventing them from upgrading to a more prestigious league. According to Crain's, Dan Duggan wants to relocate the Bucks to downtown Detroit, where he would spent up to $10M building a 5,000-seat stadium and upgrade the team to the USL Pro League. That league is two rungs below Major League Soccer, but Dan foresees the Bucks joining MLS within 5 years.

The stadium would be relatively small, but it would still require between 2.5 and 7 acres of real estate. That's a lot to hope for in the greater downtown area. In order to enter the USL Pro League in 2015, Dan needs to have a stadium plan in place by June 15. Will Mayor Duggan hook a brother up?
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