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Spacious Loft Has Visual Appeal and a Tricky Layout

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Woodward Avenue splits Grand Boulevard into two very different streets. Go west, and you'll be in bustling New Center with the Fisher Building. East Grand, however, is an interesting mix of the North End's old houses and Milwaukee Junction's industrial buildings. With 1,450 square feet, this loft contains a little bit of each.

Obviously, the wooden floors and abundant sunlight are both great attributes, but the whole things is tainted by a very strange layout. Starting in the kitchen/living room space, one must traverse the lone bedroom to the third room, which looks pretty much like a second living room. The listing points out that the layout isn't really suited for roommates, though it's probably not suited for anything in particular. In the words of Tim Gunn, make it work.

Living here will run you $1,550/month. It's pricy, but rent is sort of an all-inclusive package: Heat, water, electricity, gas, WiFi, DirecTV, and even HBO are all included. Tenants also have a gated parking lot outside.
· Listing: Loft near New Center [Craigslist]