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The Comerica Park Dining Guide; The Fisher Building's New Restaurant; April's Heatmap; More!

NEW CENTERThe Zenith is The Fisher Building's new restaurant, opened by a pair of East Coast transplants. The restaurant's owners, Robert and Melissa Jasper, closed their two East Coast restaurants to move to Detroit. They're bringing Mexican Southern fusion cuisine and quirky 1940 and 50's vintage decor to New Center as of last weekend.

DETROIT/METRO DETROITThere's a brand new Heatmap out for April, featuring a few newer places and a lot of old classics that are back in the spotlight, including Red Hots Coney Island and a newly revamped Park Grill in Grosse Pointe.

MIDTOWNGood Girls Go To Paris Crepes is in trouble, as owner Torya Blanchard faces potential eviction. The Park Shelton is claiming in a lawsuit that Blanchard moved Good Girls from their old location a few doors down to their new location, in what was formerly Blanchard's restaurant Rodin, without permission. This is just the latest in a long and dramatic saga.

WARREN— Celebrating their first birthday last weekend, Falling Down Beer Company is about to start distribution earlier than expected due to their early success. They held a big party with food, music, and special beers on tap last weekend, and Eater Detroit beer contributor Courtney Ochab was there to report on the action.

DOWNTOWNOpening Day was legendary this year, as the weather was perfect, the crowds were enthusiastic, and The Tigers won against The Royals. Here's a brand new Comerica Dining Guide, highlighting the best places to eat while at the game. Eater Detroit also took a few photos of the celebrations at various bars and grills around the ballpark, with a few stadium shots thrown in for good measure.

HAMTRAMCKHippo's is officially no more, as the building, ravaged by fire last fall, has been demolished. They originally planned to rebuild, but the call of retirement and amount of work required to get the bar up and running once again was just too much.