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Preview Life at The Albert: Model Units are Open for Snooping

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Model units are available for snooping at The Albert, the senior housing-turned-luxury apartment building in Capitol Park. With a leasing office humming on the building's ground floor, Albert staff claim that 12 of the building's 127 apartments have been spoken for. The first new residents are expected to move in next month.

The Albert bills itself as a luxury building, but the apartments are more classy than frilly. Instead of granite counters or jacuzzi tubs, the Albert's designers splurged on smarter, more useful luxuries. The movable kitchen island, custom-designed for the building, is genius. Those vintage Edison lights are another pricy-but-useful perk. Plus, they might be the world's first example of anyone bothering to install purposeful lighting in a rental unit. As you probably guessed, the views are great—even windows facing the rear alley have a certain appeal.

The model units were spotless, but they were islands in a building that appeared to be miles from move-in ready. Construction is scheduled to finish in August, but that seems pretty optimistic. For now, signing a lease requires a leap of faith. Rent generally ranges from $1,300-$1,500 and includes all utilities aside from electric, though it was made clear that rental rates are fluid and might rise with demand. Don't be surprised if they creep upwards later this year. Updated rates and floor plans are now live on the Albert's website.
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