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Behold: Orleans Landing Will Break Ground by Labor Day

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The weather is warming up and the construction season is upon us. The first development to come out of hibernation is the 5-block, $60M residential project headed for Rivertown. We saw a hint of activity over the winter, but now the announcement is official: Construction will begin before Labor Day.

There isn't too much new info, but a definitive declaration of construction is pretty big news for projects of this scale. Here's what today's article from the Free Press has for us:
· The name is Orleans Landing. Get used to it.
· While there are plans for a phase two of development, phase one has been reduced from 294 units to 270
· Retail Space is part of the plan, with an estimated 10,000 square feet of "mostly coffee shops and restaurants."
· Low-income housing will comprise 20% of the apartments.
· The first tenants are expected to move in by summer 2015.
It's exciting stuff, but we're still unsure of what this place is going to look like. Those watercolor renderings have such a diverse array of facades and colors, we'll have to wait and see what really materializes.
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