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Live Like an Industrial Baron in this Beastly $400K Tudor

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[Photos via City Living Detroit]

This 113-year-old house is an Indian Village beauty. With nearly 6,000 square of otherworldly living space, the house has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a list price of $399,900. Can we take a moment to appreciate the wood paneled room with the lonely piano? If you're not smoking cigars with your fellow captains of industry in that space, you're using it incorrectly.
The house comes with a long list of classic amenities. Leaded glass, fireplaces, a slate roof, and a terrace overlooking a pond out back. The third floor, however, is where things get a little strange. Referred to as an "entertainment suite," someone obviously aborted a remod project halfway through. Plus, it looks like there might be some roof leakage. Water is the last thing you want under your slate roof and above your home theater system.
It's wild to see how much of the house is completely preserved. Check out the bannisters and the bathrooms. Radiators are everywhere. The most telling pic, however, might be that basement shot, where a stone wall and what appear to be iron pipes are visible. The house could be a fiscal nightmare (the taxes alone were nearly $8K last year), but we hope it finds a worthy buyer.
· 1002 Seminole [City Living Detroit]