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Trashy Midtown Alley Will Be Converted into an 'Urban Oasis'

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Another green alley is coming to Midtown. According to today's newsletter from Midtown Detroit Inc , the target alley runs north-south between Willis and W. Canfield. You might recognize it as the smelly, litter-strewn path that originates next to Avalon Bakery. It won't be unpleasant much longer. The transformation is expected to begin later this month.

MDI hasn't responded to our request for more info, and Shinola, a partner in the project, declined to comment. The Green Alley Project's first design (the alley behind Motor City Brewing Works and Green Garage), might offer some hints of what's to come.

Completed in 2010, the first green alley replaced concrete with permeable asphalt and salvaged brick pavers. Bollards were placed on either end to keep out vehicles and the path was lined with native flowers, shrubs, and clover. Finally, low-energy lights were installed to keep everything bright at night. We'll update when the exact details of the latest alley project are available.
· Original Green Alley Project [MDI/Detroit News]