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Windows, Interior Remod Coming to Batch Brewing's New HQ

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One of the boxy structures of the Corktown/West Side Industrial area will become the permanent home of Batch Brewing, winner of last year's Hatch Detroit contest. Often referred to as the Boxcar Building, it's unclear how much Batch paid for the place. The most recent list price was $369K. Before the beer begins flowing, however, major renovations have started inside. We cobbled together a collection of old listing photos to act as 'before' photos. The interior is a little bit unsettling.
Built in 1971, the building spent decades as a restaurant. According to DetroitYES commenters, the boxcar was used as a private banquet room and overflow dining space. More recently, however, it was home to a private club focused on electronic music--hence the Tim Burton-like interior.
According to Model D, that giant DJ booth has already been cleared out as the interior gets a facelift. Early plans call for installing windows where you see those brown gaps in the exterior brick. There's even talk of cutting out a couple garage doors to open things up during the warm months. Batch hopes to open later this year, but warns that work could extend into early 2015.
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Porter Street Station Building

1400 Porter St , Detroit, MI 48226