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Adorable Bungalow is Renovated and Rentable in West Village

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After a month of townhouse-heavy rental listings, West Village just coughed something entirely different. Built in 1911, this little bungalow is leasing for $1,200/month—a cheap $400/person if you're filling all three bedrooms. Plus, it only looks quaint. A roomy interior of 2,000 square feet awaits.
The house has seen over a century of use, but a major 2008 renovation has everything looking fresh. There are two full bathrooms—one appears large enough to serve as a fourth bedroom—and a kitchen with granite counters, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher. With no mention of A/C, the front porch might be the best spot to cool off.
· Charming West Village Bungalow for Rent [Craigslist]