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HopCat Arrives in Midtown, Smashes Through Agave's Wall

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Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

HopCat is probably Detroit's most anticipated bar ever, but the beer can't begin flowing until the HopCat's future home—the vacant Agave Building in Midtown—is completely renovated. A month after interior demo was supposed to begin, the beer bar is finally making its presence known.

[The empty Agave on Sunday]

After a month without so much as a port-o-potty or dumpster showing up on the property, a full-blown construction site has appeared in the last 48 hours. It looks like the first task on the to-do list was destroying a low brick wall. How were people supposed to get to the future biergarten with that thing in the way? (There really is a biergarten planned out back)

[The Agave on Wednesday]

Compared to the $3.3M overall investment, one exterior wall coming down is negligible. But keep in mind, over 18 months have gone by since a renovation announcement was stapled to the Agave's barricaded front door. It's a relief to finally see some progress. August is still HopCat's official ETA. Given the current pace of progress, that seems a wee bit optimistic.
UPDATE (5/15/14): A spokesperson for HopCat tells us they're now targeting a fall opening, adding "we're hoping to make it in time to enjoy the Tigers in the playoffs."
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Agave Building

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