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Stinky Midtown Alley Begins Going Green, Old Asphalt Removed

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Construction is underway at Midtown's second green alley project, which will revamp a stinky alleyway o' dumpsters into something vastly more pleasant for pedestrians. Right now, excavators are tearing up the crumbling asphalt and regrading the ground underneath. What comes next? Trees, shrubs, colorful pavers, and even a spur guiding pedestrians towards shopping.
The alley, which runs between Canfield and Willis in Midtown, was approved for construction during April's Historic District Commission hearing. The plans call not only for a transformation of the original alley, but the addition of a spur heading towards the rear of the Willys/Shinola stores. Shinola provides a big chunk of the project's overall funding.
· Dumpsters will be moved.
· Unlike the first green alley, this one will be accessible to certain vehicles.
· Colorful brick pavers, rain gardens, and perennial plants will be the main surfaces. Shrubs and trees will also be planted.
· Construction is estimated to take around 2 months.

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