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Woodbridge: Vacant Duplex Built in 1881 Heads to Auction

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Woodbridge isn't an easy place to go house hunting these days. The neighborhood has just three houses on the market, and one looks more like a rotting wood pile than a house. But there is a fourth option. Heading to the city's new auction website in one week, this great-looking duplex was built in 1881. The duplex's apartments both contain two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living space featuring that great bay window. Compared with the banditry faced by other auction properties, this one is surprisingly intact.
It's unclear how the house made it to the auction. Its latest records are from 2010, when it surfaced as a HUD property asking just $16K. Those photos, posted below, offer a glimpse of the house before its vacant period. The auction listing can be found here.