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The Silverdome: 54 Photos Inside the Ruined NFL Stadium

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[Photography by DetroitUrbex]

The former home of the Detroit Lions isn't looking so good these days. Before the roof collapsed in December 2012, the Silverdome was a fully functional stadium. This was a structure with seating, bathrooms, and restaurants designed to serve more than 80,000 people. Opened in 1975, the Silverdome once hosted the Superbowl, an appearance by the pope, and was home to the Lions until 2001.
For now, just the Silverdome's blue seats are available. The everything-goes liquidation auction begins later this month. We coordinated with DetroitUrbex and obtained permission to capture the Silverdome before it's stripped down to a cement shell.

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Pontiac Silverdome

1200 Featherstone Rd, Pontiac, MI 48342