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Guns + Butter Defend Michigan Cuisine; Cook's Crossing Roll Out New Food Truck

Detroit Institute of Bagels Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The week's top dish from Eater Detroit, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. This week we have news from the city's pop-up stars Goldfinch American, one of Birmingham's finest is launching brunch, we chat with the newest food truck to roll into town and much more. Enjoy!

DETROIT— Gun + Butter Chef Craig Lieckfelt posted a photo of his recent trip to Dubai where he gave a demonstration and talk about the cuisine in Detroit. Online commentators who joked 'Coney Island Hot Dogs?' got more than they expected when the chef posted a passionate reply in support of Michigan's culinary bounty.

SOUTHWEST— Exciting news from pop-up heroes Goldfinch American who have a new event planned for May 28 with a new chef and new location. We can look forward to five courses of "cutting edge" modern American cuisine. Get your tickets now.

BIRMINGHAM— Eater heatmap hot spot The Bird & The Bread is launching a brunch service this weekend on Sunday with an all-new menu from chef Jim Leonardo including special children-friendly dishes.

DETROIT— Chefs Thom Ingram and Nate Bonkowski of The Cook's Crossing are expanding from their usual pop-up dinners to launch a food truck, Pomme de Terre, this week. We talked menus, food sourcing and much more in this Eater Interview.