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Bamlet Building Storefronts Get the Historic Rehab Treatment

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The weathered facade of the Bamlet Building is in the midst of a significant facelift. At April's Historic District Commission hearing, reps from the Gilbert-owned building were given the green light to rebuild the storefronts and give the entire thing a good scrubbing.
See how the Bamlet's ground floor is a lighter shade of red than the brick above? It was cheaply rebuilt at some point in the past. That's all coming down. When the dust clears, the storefronts will be closer to their original design. Mind you, the Bamlet was built in 1897.

We also know the original cast iron columns will be exposed and reps at the HDC meeting mentioned something about restoring the original glass transom windows. We'll have to wait and see, but it's certain that by the time DIME Music Academy moves in this fall, the Bamlet will look better than it has in decades.
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