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Michigan Central Station Teases With More New Windows

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Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

The window dance continues: Like a reverse striptease, Michigan Central Station is slowly covering up with more and more windows. Right around the corner from the last batch, another long line of glass was spotted just yesterday by a tipster. Is the window replacement process finally gaining momentum?

[Photo via Chris Vilag]
Assuming we're not missing another hidden batch of somewhere else, MCS now has five windows out front, the previous column of half-windows in back, and this complete line right around the corner. What does it all mean? Perhaps the interior will be a little less drafty for whatever music video decides to shoot there next. Please find us on the tipline with any info pertaining to the windows, the potential new elevator, or if you notice Matty Moroun buying a whole bunch of curtains somewhere.
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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216