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Battered Boston-Edison Mansion Includes a Lovely Solarium

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This house is one of several vacant properties headed to auction from the Detroit Land Bank. With bidding starting at $1,000, winners are required to bring the house up to code within 6 months. Detail can be found at

Many of Detroit's historic neighborhoods organize annual home tours, but the hundreds of people shuttling around Boston-Edison on Saturday weren't gawking at the neighborhood's most polished gems. They were exploring the 13 vacant houses headed to auction over the next month. The overall mood was decidedly more casual than the hushed, no-touching events the neighborhood is used to.
"This is fucking beautiful," one woman gasped upon entering the tour's first property. She quickly apologized, but no one seemed offended. The 1920s mansion had been ransacked and neglected for years, but the tiled fountain and domed ceiling in the solarium justified the profanity. They really were fucking beautiful.

With bidding scheduled for May 27, 2224 W. Boston will be the first Boston-Edison property in the Detroit Land Bank auction. Simply put, it's a massive renovation project of 4,200-square feet. That's seven bedrooms and five bathrooms of Electrical, plumbing---you name it. As with all the DLB auctions, the buyer is required to bring the house up to code within six months (or make arrangements with the DLB). How much do you think this one will go for? Let us know in the comments.
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