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Former Vampire Mansion Shows Significant Rehab Progress

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This Brush Park mansion is officially a movie star. The 135-year-old house plays a major role in Only Lovers Left Alive, a Jim Jarmusch vampire flick that opens today in Metro Detroit. Built in the 1870s, the mansion once belonged to David C. Whitney, son of lumber baron David Whitney Jr. Movie-goers should note, however, that the crumbling abode seen on the silver screen doesn't reflect the house's current condition.

A few months after film crews departed in 2012, renovation warrior Jeff Cowin bought the place for a cool $110K. He has since restored the elegance of the mansion's main spaces, added a modern kitchen, and updated the bathrooms. There's still a ways to go. The following pics reflect the mansion's state in early 2013, before restoration efforts began in earnest. Take a look, then head to the Free Press for glimpse of the progress.

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