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A Peek at Corktown's Rubbed; The Most Anticipated Spring Openings; May's Heatmap; More

Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— Spring means restaurants are working around the clock to open their doors for the first time, and what a list it is. Meet the 10 most anticipated spring and summer openings, featuring Selden Standard, Rubbed, Guns + Butter, La Rondinella, and many more.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— The new Michigan law that allows patrons to bring their own bottle of wine to a restaurant has been in place for several months, but is it making a difference to local businesses? Eater contributor Hannah Lowe talks corkage fees, different "okay to bring" policies, and the restaurants that opt out completely.

CORKTOWN— After a very long wait, it seems that the sandwich and charcuterie shop Rubbed is almost ready to open. They let Eater take a look inside, and the very first photos of the completed interior are here. Just a few permits are needed before the doors open for good, hopefully in the next month or so.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Another month, another new Heatmap, this one featuring newcomers The Zenith and Urban Soul along with some recently revamped favorites like Forest Grill and the underrated Jefferson House.

SOUTHWEST—Who knew a restaurant website could be so polarizing? Tunde Wey, co-owner of Revolver in Hamtramck, has come under fire from The Metro Times, Deadline Detroit, and others for his restaurant concept Goldfinch American, which exposes the dirt and potential harms of capitalism while serving a fancy (and expensive) meal.

LAFAYETTE PARKUrban Soul is the brand new restaurant serving the same food as the now closed Southern Fires. It's run by the same family, but under new ownership, though the food is supposedly the exact same, which is a huge relief for the many people who got their soul food fix at Southern Fires every weekend.