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Storefronts and Apartments are Getting Snapped Up at Woodward Garden

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Residents finally began moving into the Woodward Garden Apartments on Thursday, reports the Detroit News, adding that renters had snapped up 45 of the building's 61 apartments. More exciting news comes from the Garden's commercial spaces downstairs, where MLive reports three new tenants are on the way.

Flagstar Bank: These guys have been teasing a possible Midtown storefront for over a year, once claiming that a suitable space simply wasn't available.
University of Michigan: UM is apparently expanding their Midtown presence beyond Orchestra Place, though their exact plan for this space has yet to be unveiled.
Anytime Fitness: Months after opening at the Security Trust Lofts downtown, AF continues the expansion into the even-more-promising Midtown 'hood. Expect them to take up a larger space, probably along Selden Street.
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