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Quicken Unveils Plans to Build Massive Data/Technology Center in Corktown

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It's now clear why Dan Gilbert bought (and later demolished) that giant warehouse in Corktown. Quicken Loans just unveiled plans to build a 66,000-square-foot data center and office complex on Rosa Parks, a few blocks south of Michigan Avenue. Construction starts today.

Back in January, our only clue as to Dan Gilbert's intention for a rundown warehouse was the site's unique access to large amounts of electricity. Now we know why: 20,000 square feet of the cement/glass structure will be devoted simply to housing servers, which require huge amounts of electricity to cool. The building will have access to 1.4 megawatts of redundant power.

The non-server portion of the building will house office space, which will partially be utilized by the Quicken tech team. The remaining office space (along with half of the server space) will be available for lease, which Quicken hopes will lure a major tech company to Detroit. ETA: January 2015
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QL Tech Center

1401 Rosa Parks, Detroit, MI 48216