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Forgotten Park is Suddenly Detroit's First Official Dog Park

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Two years ago, Macomb Park was a forgotten patch of land in the shadow of Michigan Central Station. Back then, the lot was covered in waist-high grass and litter, with the odd trash bag thrown in for good measure.
Last weekend, Macomb officially reopened as Detroit's first official dog park. The park's adoption and revitalization has been the ongoing effort of nonprofit Detroit Dog Park, but a donation from PetSmart finally brought everything together last month.

PetSmart's contribution came in the form of its Pop-Up-Park (PUP), a shipping container full of pet-friendly amenities. The official press release has the run-down:

PetSmart's P.U.P. is a shipping container that contains everything that can be deployed to create an interim dog park, including 340 feet of fencing, three Oops clean-up Stations, three moveable backless benches, lighting on and inside the container (powered by a solar panel on the roof of the container) and a storage closet. The shipping container serves as the park's point of entry and exit. PetSmart provided all of the equipment required to set up the park, and Detroit Dog Park will maintain the park.

The pooch park is free and open every day, from 7am to 10pm.

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