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The Squatter House is Back With Absurdly High $339K Ask

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We're thrilled to announce that more weirdness is occurring at Boston-Edison's famous Squatter House. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the historic charmer dropped onto the market over the weekend with a gasp-worthy ask of $339K. That's quite an increase from last year's ask of just $19K. Is this drama-loving house trying to pull off a huge flip?

Previously on Squatter Saga:
After a year away, protagonist Heidi Peterson returns to her Boston-Edison home to discover a squatter living within. The squatter—a crazy woman who allegedly festooned the house with photos of herself—refuses to leave, Heidi has nowhere else to go, so they all become roommates. The squatter eventually departs. Later, Heidi lists the property for $35K, but uses the listing description as an opportunity to warn others about the dire consequences of living in Detroit . She also reveals that she's been living in the attic, as every other part of the house is full of lead paint.

TODAY: It appears Heidi escaped. Records indicate the current owner bought the house for $26K last October. Since then, the interior has seen some extensive redecorating. The old living room carpet is gone, the fireplace is now blue, and the dining room's woodwork has been painted over. The new photos are below, though we added a couple of Heidi's originals for comparison.

Absurd list price aside, we must ask: Is this a real renovation or just lipstick on a house that once needed serious work? The rear sunroom, previously described as needing total reconstruction or demolition, is still standing. Now it's simply the "Media Room." Please hit the tipline if you have any info.
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