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Indian Village Face-Off: Which Mansion Would You Buy?

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Looking for an Indian Village mansion? There are plenty of intriguing options. While prices have been rising in Detroit's top neighborhoods, these architectural masterpieces are still well below what anyone on the planet would expect to pay. We found two mansions with similar asking prices (just under $400K) but different styles and strengths. Tour each estate and pick a side.

McMath House [$399,900]
7 Beds - 5 Baths - 6,220 SF

This monster colonial contains a never-ending string of huge rooms, but the sunken living room looks like a highlight. Designed by noted architect Wallace Frost and built in 1927, the house's solarium includes a slate floor and a working fountain of Pewabic tile. [Photography by Stylish Detroit]

Ravenscroft [$394,500]
8 Beds - 6 Baths - 5,500 SF

The name Ravenscroft might be trying a little too hard, but the this one really is a gem. Designed by Albert Kahn and built in 1908, it sounds like some of Ravenscroft's vast interior could use some renovation. In case 8 bedrooms isn't enough, the listing claims that the house has the potential to expand to 12 bedrooms "if all had been renovated." That being said, the interior looks pretty good as is, and the electrical, plumbing, and roof are all new. There's also a carriage house in back that's renting for $700/month, which should help offset the cost of firing Ravenscroft's three furnaces. [Exterior photo: pinehurst19475/Flickr]
Poll results

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