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Summer Brews and Summer Wine; Torino's Garrett Lipar in National Spotlight

Garrett Lipar.
Garrett Lipar.
Photo: Chris and Michelle Gerard

DTW— Traveling this weekend? Make sure to check out the Eater Detroit Airport Dining Guide for the best places to eat and drink at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Learn about the really good stuff coming in the next year as well, and check out the airport dining guides for all the other Eater cities too.

FERNDALETorino's chef Garrett Lipar is young, creative, and uber talented. He's landed a spot on the Eater Young Guns semi-finalist list, and Eater-National has their ten must-know points. He's the only Michigan representative in the semi-finals, so read about what makes him special.

MIDTOWN— The Midtown FatBurger has cleared up their legal troubles, and has reopened to the public this week. They were forced to close last week by a court order, but a PR rep says they're ready to serve customers and have put all of their legal issues behind them.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Warmer weather means summertime booze, and there's nothing better than a cool glass of rosé, the under-appreciated pink wine. Not sure where to start? Here are the best places in the city and the 'burbs to try either the sparkling or still variety. Beer lovers take heart, there's a list of the six must-try local summer brews available too.