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Eastern Market's Shed 5 Gets a Big Renovation Boost

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A small chunk of the JP Morgan Chase $100M-investment-in-Detroit bonanza is heading for Eastern Market's renovation project at Shed 5. Workers have been chipping away at the $3.9M rehab for over two years, but the most anticipated portion is the new "community kitchen." That's where this money is going.

When it finally opens, the community kitchen will serve as an incubator for new food-related businesses. Basically, everyday customers get to experience new food options, which is even more appealing when you add DTE's 200-person outdoor plaza right next door. The overall renovation, which involves everything from radiant floor heating to new restrooms, was originally scheduled to open next month. No word on the currrent timeline, but it's safe to assume that date has been pushed back a bit.
UPDATE (5/28/14): This post originally contained several additional renderings found on the website of Kraemer Design Group. We're told those renderings are no longer accurate. Expect updated design details in the near future.
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