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Latest Boston-Edison House Needs Every Repair Imaginable

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This house is one of several vacant properties headed to auction from the Detroit Land Bank. With bidding starting at $1,000, winners are required to bring the house up to code within 6 months. Detail can be found at

A dilapidated four-bedroom on Longfellow is today's entrant in the ongoing Boston-Edison auction. Saying it needs a total restoration might be understating the situation here. Let's all take a moment an enjoy the Detroit Land Bank's list of needed repairs, which ensures the buyer will be visiting every aisle of Home Depot:
"To make it feel like home, it will need a new roof, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. The inside will need a complete extraction and drywall needs to be replaced throughout. Exterior will need tuck point work, and the basement can use UGL paint. You will probably also need to gut the kitchen and bathrooms, replace the driveway and front porch, refinish the floors and get some fresh paint on the walls."

Is that all?

After the DLB's depressing rundown, it's hard not to see potential. One of the big surprises of exploring all of these houses has been the sheer quantity of beautiful tile. We can't confirm whether it's authentic Detroit Pewabic, but it sure looks the part.
Another highlight at 2499 Longfellow is the living room, where three sets of giant french doors open out onto the front porch. What looks like an inlaid wood floor is backed up by a fireplace sporting more of that great tile. Hopefully, someone with serious renovation chops can bring this property back from the brink.
· Listing: 2499 Longfellow [Building Detroit]