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Detroit's Priciest Listing: Fisher Manse Now Demands $1.5M

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The Alfred Fisher Mansion returns to the market yet again, reclaiming its spot as Detroit's Most Expensive Listing. Previously asking $1.2M, this elephantine estate hit the market in April before a "foreclosure-related lawsuit" whisked it right back off.
But now she's back! If you thought the previous ask was stretching it, get ready to snort in your coffee. In Palmer Woods, the price for fifteen bedrooms and an indoor pool has jumped up to $1.5M.
Built in 1926, the Alfred Fisher is an all-star mansion in Detroit. Built in Basic square footage is somewhere around 16,000. Those 15 bedrooms are served by fleet of 17 bathrooms, plus an eight-car garage. For more on the mansion, chose a path:
1. Head to our original posting for additional photos and a detailed rundown of the amenities.
2. The Alfred Fisher is selling hundreds of items today in an estate auction (hence all that stuff in the photos). That means you can head over at 3pm and snoop in person. Pre-register the auction company's website or scan through the items available for purchase. (We're calling shotgun on the Fisher Mansion's official Weber Grill.)
· Listing: 1771 Balmoral [Zillow]

Alfred Fisher Mansion

1771 Balmoral, Detroit, MI 48203